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Pagans in Ohio

A community for networking and learning

Ohio Pagans
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For pagans and reconstructionists in the Ohio area
This community is for anybody who follows or is interested in learning about "alternative" religions--particularly those falling under the realm of "pagan religions."

This community will not tolerate prejudice in any form. Life is for learning. We all start in ignorance, and time and support helps us to learn. I ask that instead of attacking that you help educate.

Advertising for pagan-based events and groups in and around Ohio is more than welcome (i.e. Northern KY, Southeastern IN, Southern MI, etc)! I hope that this community can act as a way of gathering together.


The moderator of this community is littlelotte. She is in a professional career, is 26, and follows the Olympic pantheon (but started out a silly little fluffy like so many others, until the Olympians figuratively beat her over the head nearly six years ago).