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I would like to welcome you all to a new community for Ohio pagans. As I have said in the info, please keep conversation civil. I do not tolerate prejudice, though I encourage you to help those who don't know to learn.

I am soon to be moving to the Cincinnati area, and would love for this to be a great networking source for groups, shops, and such in the area.


Cool! A new site!

I am from Cincinnati and have currently been living in Columbus, however I will be set to move back there myself on the 25th of this month!

Happening to find this site on Livejournal reaffirms that my return home isn't a step back, it's a step forward,
Much like this is a new Community that I am sure will be embraced and explored by many of the local pagans of Cincinnati.

Thank you, I look forward to watching this group.

Re: Cool! A new site!

ha...I'm driving down from Michigan on the same day.
Really? Small world!
Have you ever been to Starwood?
I have not. Where is that?
Starwood, a festival by A.C.E. is held every year in July, in very southern NY state.
If you want to check it out,
www.rosencomet.com should work,
I spin poi and breathe fire and the sort and learned it all mostly there. Sometimes I have vended this festival, you can find some of the most unique clothing items there,
It's basically a bunch of pagans getting together for everyone's once a year vacation time,
I know it's the only vacation I have ever been able to afford, it's 200 dollars at the gate if you don not pre-register,
Kind of expensive, I know, but it's worth it!
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